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ID115 Smart Bracelet Sports Fitness Tracker - Black

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$14.69 $14.39 $14.09 $13.79
  • Colorful and lightweight,Weights 18g only, deep blue, marine green, violet rose, black and shallow pink for your choice
  • USB rechargeable interface,Convenient and fast charging, no messy wire any more; with charging indicator and low voltage warning
  • Activity tracker,Record your daily activity: steps, distance, time, calories; check and share your data anytime
  • Sleep monitor,Check sleep trend chart to view your sleep time and quality
  • Notification alert,Smart alarm, call and message reminder, push notifications of Apps, sedentary alert by silent vibration
Smart Bracelet Sport Bracelet
Colorful and lightweight, Weights 18g only, deep blue, marine green, violet rose, black and shallow pink for your choice.
Standout Features
All-day activity
Auto sleep
Call + SMS
Full touch
Focus on your heart rate Continuously
All-day activity recording:

Step pedometer, distance, calories consumption.

Sedentary reminder:

Vibration within the specified time to remind you to leave the seat of the body, to avoid the health hazards caused by sedentary.

Night sleep
Auto sleep tracking:

ID115/ID115HR will automatically monitor the status of your sleep, the statistics of your sleep time, sleep duration, analyze the quality of your sleep, by drawing the sleep curve to help you understand the situation of your sleep.

Push notifications

Set up to receive push notifications so that you won’t miss any important information. Or set do not disturb hours as you desired.

Smart interaction, simple and practical
Touch key switch:

Tap the virtual button on the bottom of the screen, quick view the movement data, time and smart reminders on the screen.

Call + SMS reminder:

Synchronous access to phone calls and SMS, vibrate to remind you to view the phone notification in time.

Super long standby time:

USB charging directly, can work 5-10 days After fully charged. awesome standby time.

Fashion declaration, the activity will be wonderful
Time display:

In can choose to view the statistics data and time vertically or horizontally.

Multiple color straps for option:

ID115/ID115HR has pink, black, blue, blue cyan, purple color straps for option. Superior design, excellent match. To help you easily create a variety of occasions for the modeling.

Bluetooth Version:  Bluetooth 4.0 
Built-in chip type:  NRF51822 
IP rating:  IP67 
RAM: 16K 
ROM:  256K 
Waterproof: Yes
Alert type:  Vibration 
Anti-lost:  Yes 
Bluetooth calling:  Caller ID dispay, Caller's name display, Phone call reminder 
Find phone:  Yes 
Health tracker:   Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor 
Messaging:  Message reminder 
Notification:   Yes 
Other Function:  Alarm 
Remote control function:  Remote Camera
Screen:  OLED 
Screen resolution:  96 x 32 
 Screen size:   0.86 inch 
 Operating mode: Touch Screen 
Battery Capacity: 45mAh 
Charging Time:  About 2hours 
Standby time:  10 days 
Type of battery: Li-polymer
People:  Female table, Male table
Band material:  TPE
Case material: ABS 
Shape of the dial:  Rectangle
Available Color:   Black, Deep Blue, Marine Green, Shallow Pink, Violet Rose 
Compatability:   Android 4.4 and iOS 7.1 or above 
Compatible OS:  Android,IOS 
Language: English, Simplified Chinese
Dial size: 1.50 x 1.00 x 1.00 cm / 0.59 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Package size (L x W x H):  16.80 x 8.60 x 3.00 cm / 6.61 x 3.39 x 1.18 inches 
Package weight:   0.0720 kg 
 Product size (L x W x H):   23.00 x 1.50 x 1.00 cm / 9.06 x 0.59 x 0.39 inches 
 Product weight: 0.0180 kg  
Band size:    23.00 x 1.50 cm / 9.06 x 0.59 inches 
 Package Contents:  1 x ID115 Smart Wristband, 1 x English Manual 
More Information
Brand Sporch
Compatible Bluetooth sync support Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above
Chip Nordic nRF51822-QFAA
Heart Rate Sensor KX022-1020
Waterproof Standard IP67
Screen Type OLED
Battery Capacity 45mAh
Type of Battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Life Time 5-7 Day
Charging Way USB contact charging
Charging Time 1-1.5h
Weight 18.0000
Dimension 1.50*1.00*1.00cm
Package Contents Smart Heart Rate Bracelet,User manual(English)
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  1. Love my fit bit

    So happy with this purchase I love my fit bit I wear it all day and night I take it off and put it in the charger when I shower the battery lasts for days
  2. Just what I needed

    Fitbit is great. Still getting used to it.
  3. Better then the Fitbit 3

    Glad I was able to find one still on sale. Not the same as the Fitbit 3. Like this one much better.
  4. Great fitness tracker!

    I love all the features this model offers. It motivates me to push harder and I love watching my progress on the Fitbit app. 100% happy with my purchase.
  5. I love my Fitbit but I hate the band

    I love my Fitbit but I hate the band. There is a design flaw that will make the band unhook from the body of your Fitbit causing it to fall off. Grrrr. They will replace but the problem keeps recurring.
  6. Great value

    Product as described, love everything about it
  7. Problems between product and app

    Changes to the app do not cause Charge 2 to respond correctly. Charge 2 doesn't charge correctly and begin on the correct screen.
  8. Ok product but unfortunately can’t recommend

    I got this back in July and my husband got one soon after me. I enjoy using it to track my steps to keep me motivated and to keep me moving, as well as receiving text and call notifications for when I am not near my phone (mine works just fine for this however my husbands notifications don’t show up in his and he has the same exact one as me)The only reason I am here to give a review is that once you let the batter die it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to charge again. I’ve been trying to charge mine for over 24 hours now and it’s still not working. This happened to me once before and I charged it over night with no luck but then during the next day it charged. This is the longest it’s gone without doing anything. So I’m not sure if now it just won’t charge or what’s up with it. My husband is also having difficulty with his charging. For that fact I can not recommend this product :(
  9. Not durable

    Skip it. For the price by something different. Band broke before a year in. Coworker had same problem. Seems to be a trend.
  10. It's not perfect, but it's good enough

    I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the Fitbit. I like it, but for the most part I simply tolerate it.For the TL;DR crowd, here's the thumbnail: I can't stand the stupid rubber band on the Charge 2, and I wish I could put the Fitbit on a low-profile elastic or fabric band so I could wear this thing more comfortably. If anyone knows of a 'can't miss' band that can replace this rubber mistake, let me know. I'm still looking for that 'eureka moment.'I've been wearing a Fitbit 24/7 for 3 out of the last 5 years. My wife originally got me the Flex, ostensibly because she wanted me to be more diligent about my sleep hours. She bugged me incessantly about my staying up past midnight, and this was a way to try to enforce a little more discipline in my sleep habits. The discipline part worked, although the Fitbit has only played a part.The Charge 2 is my second Fitbit. I had worn the Flex for about a year before water seeped into the aging band and shorted out the component. My wife bought the Charge 2 as a gift a couple of years ago, and I've worn it consistently since then.I use the Fitbit for exactly three things--sleep tracking, measuring heart rate (esp. resting heart rate), and step counting. I do not try to count calories burned because quite honestly I think that's guessing. I don't measure water intake or what I've eaten because that requires too much input and I don't need it for that anyway. Those three core measurements are what I want, and the Fitbit does a good job in all three.For step counting, I think the Fitbit does pretty well. I've done some modest testing to verify accuracy--such as steps around my place of work--and I think the Fitbit is consistent and reasonably accurate. So when I walk more than 10,000 steps, I'm pretty sure the Fitbit gets it right. I like being able to track my daily steps, and I've even occasionally gotten up before bedtime to walk that extra bit before midnight when I'm close to my goal.There are ways to 'game the system' if you care to do that. With my old Flex I was able to rock in a glider chair for maybe an hour and rack up more than 10,000 steps, so I was careful not to do that after a few of those spikes. One of my co-workers wanted me to think those count as steps because it takes effort to rock the chair, but no, it's not really the same thing. I suppose air drumming to Rush songs might count, too, if you want to spike your results that way.I'll include a comment on distance vs. steps, as I've read some reviews criticizing the Fitbit for being 'less than accurate' about measuring walking distance. In the Fitbit app you'll see a place where you can enter your normal step length, so that the Fitbit can more accurately measure distance traveled. To that end, you can actually calibrate the Fitbit by entering in a step length and checking it against a known distance. Walk a mile with a normal stride and see if the Fitbit agrees with you, and then adjust as needed. Personally, I don't care to track distance, because I don't run, and measuring the number of steps taken is enough for me--but I can appreciate why distance tracking is important to many users.I think the Fitbit is reasonably honest about calculating for dominant vs. non-dominant hands, although I wear mine interchangeably on each hand and I don't see a big difference when I wear it on my right (dominant) hand.I think the Fitbit's highlight is heart rate monitoring, with a caveat. When I exercise, I like seeing my maximum heart rate, how my heart rate progresses, and where the spikes are. I especially like tracking my resting heart rate. I've come to judge my overall fitness from my resting heart rate. When I'm sick, my resting heart rate is elevated slightly. Ultimately, I'm looking for consistency and improvement. When my resting heart rate is elevated for a few days, I monitor and see if a change in habits is needed.The caveat is in how resting heart rate is measured. Ideally, I think resting heart rate should be measured in two ways--during sleep and outside of sleep. It would be useful to have both, but so far we only have a generic way, which I think is biased toward outside-of-sleep hours. That's one aspect of the caveat. The other is a bit more concerning--there have been quite a few days where I notice my heart rate is below the stated resting heart rate, but the Fitbit does not register that lower rate as a resting heart rate. Why not? Theoretically the resting heart rate should be a 'floor' rate for the day, within reason. There's probably an algorithm that says resting heart rate is a rate sustained for a set period of time rather than an absolute minimum. But what sustained period is fair? I don't know the answer, but in my opinion I cannot assume the resting heart rate measure is 100% accurate until I'm satisfied of the Fitbit's methods.In defense of the Fitbit, though, I will say that I have brought up my Fitbit results to medical professionals--especially resting heart rate. I've come to believe the measurement of resting heart rate in a doctor's office is not as reliable as I can get from the Fitbit. There are stress factors in doctor's appointments that skew those results, so I actually trust the Fitbit more.The third measure I track is for sleep. This is an interesting one, as it measures sleep in the major stages of sleep--deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep. I don't know how accurate this one is, either, but it's interesting to see how little deep sleep I get each night, and how my sleeps are dominated by light sleep, even though I've always slept pretty well.A positive aspect of tracking my sleep with the Fitbit is that when I've had a few days of less than acceptable sleep, that will motivate me to go to sleep a little early so I can break out of the habit. It's not so much for 'making up sleep,' because I know that's not really possible, but I can at least know that I want to get good sleep so I'm not constantly getting inadequate sleep.The one real drawback for the Charge 2 is the band. It's made of rubber, and they try to make it resemble a standard rubber watch band. I'm not even sure why it's rubber, because the Charge 2 is not waterproof and rubber watch bands are traditionally for dive watches (I have several dive watches, and I know the advantages and disadvantages of rubber watch bands). The whole problem with using a rubber band for this Fitbit is anathema to its duty as a 24/7, always-on monitor. For an 'always on' monitor the first priority for a band should be that it's comfortable. This band is not. I need a band that lets me forget the Fitbit is there, that I can use a mouse at work and not have it get in the way. This band is aggravating, to the point where I would be reluctant to buy another Fitbit with a similar band.The Charge 2's clasping system for the band is apparently proprietary, too, which I guess makes it difficult for third parties to make really good bands for this product. I've been warned to be careful about using third party bands because of reports that Fitbits have been lost after the clasps fail. So far I have been reluctant to try a third party band and I'm still looking for that band that will tie the whole thing together and make the Charge 2 more tolerable for 24/7 wearing.I've been a 'watch guy' for many years and I don't need the Charge 2 to replace a 'real' watch. But wearing it alongside my real watches looks tacky and feels weird, and when I wear it on my right (dominant hand) it aggravates me much of the day. It makes more sense on my left (non-dominant, watch-wearing hand), but most of the time it displaces a watch I'd rather be wearing. So I just tolerate wearing the Charge 2 as is. I don't need it to tell me the time, I just need it for those few core duties--track my sleep, steps, and heart rate. That's it. I want a Fitbit to have its place--on my non-watch hand, with a comfortable band that won't aggravate me.My ideal Fitbit would be something the size of a largish coin that sits on top of my wrist but I barely notice it's there, maybe something I can also wear in the water for worry-free use.Without overstating it, I see the Fitbit (or fitness monitors in general) as a positive part of regulating my health. It keeps me on track, and it motivates me to do the right thing when I need to make changes. I suppose I will always want a fitness monitor to play a part in my life and wellness, and so far the Charge 2 is doing a pretty good job. Three stars, maybe three and a half.If you got this far, thanks for reading and your patience is appreciated.
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