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Bluedio TM Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Headphone

  • Uses Type-C interface, supports charging and data transmitting
  • Enhancing your music doesn't have to be complicated. Simply turn on 3D sound, the sound spaciousness is extended to complete an immersion feeling
  • Up to 30 hours of Bluetooth playback from latest Bluetooth 5.0 low-power technology
  • The Bluetooth flawlessly works with your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player
Brand: Bluedio
Function: answer phone, Bluetooth, microphone, multi-connect function, noise reduction, voice control
Material: metal, PC
Model: TM
Type: head-mounted
Application scenario: game, sports
Charging time: 2 hours
Compatible: iPhone, Android
Connectivity: Wireless
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Music time: 30h
Sensitivity: 118dB
Standby time: 1000 hours
Call time: 30 hours Bluetooth: Support
Bluetooth distance: W / O obstacle 10 meters
Bluetooth mode: hands-free, headphones
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP battery capacity (mAh): 650mAh lithium-ion battery
Battery type: Built-in Product size: 20.20*21.30*8.60 cm
Package size: 24.00*25.00*10.00 cm
Product weight: 220g
Package weight: 430g
Package contents: Headphones*1, Type-c USB charging cable*1, English manual*1

Uses Type-C interface, supports charging and data transmitting
Enhancing your music doesn't have to be complicated. Simply turn on 3D sound, the sound spaciousness is extended to complete an immersion feeling
Up to 30 hours of Bluetooth playback from latest Bluetooth 5.0 low-power technology
The Bluetooth flawlessly works with your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player
More Information
Port Micro USB
Bluetooth Agreement A2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP
Weight 220.0000
Brand Bluedio
Resistance 16ou
Working Time 30h
Standby Time 1000h
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Connecting Distance 10M
Battery Capacity 650mAh
Dimension 20.20*21.30*8.60 cm
Package Contents 1*Pair of Headphones, 1*Type-C USB Cable, 1*English User Manual
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  1. ease of use and high quality

    I wish the volume was more easily controlled. Plan to use when traveling.
  2. Great sound - extremely loud! functions well.

    Kinda janky design, can be very uncomfortable to adjust to your head because they swivel in an odd way. Not like most standard headphones... maybe that's a good thing? IDK, kinda meh about this.
  3. Awesome headphones & Awesome Price!!!

    I bought these because my local YouF*t gym here in south Florida thinks it's a great idea to play the same songs over and over in the same order at the same time every morning for months which was like the movie Groundhogs Day, it was driving me nuts. I took a chance on these headphones and I am very happy! I loaded up the micro SD card with my favorite songs which gave me a boost in motivation and I have been having awesome workouts ever since. The price is great also in case I mess up these headphones in the gym, I didn't break the bank with $250 headphones.Also the micro SD card is an awesome option. This way I do not have to carry my phone around with me and risk it getting lost or damaged, plus it is a hassle to have an extra device as you go from exercise to exercise. The sound quality is great and I don't hear the annoying songs in the gym anymore. Will be taking these headphones with me when I travel on a plane as well. 5+ stars for making the gym enjoyable again.
  4. Sound is perfect. Nice and loud, just how I like them.

    I normally do the Bluedio head phones, but these were cheaper, but sound just as good. Good bass and all.
  5. Cant get the sd card to work

    So I love these but the sd card will not work. I have tried everything and cant get a answer to my questions.
  6. Uncomfortable and leaky but great sound!

    These headphone straight hurt my ears after about an hour of use. You can ignore it like I do but it makes my ears sore. They also leak a lot of noise so people can hear what you're listening to. That all being said I really doubt you can find better sounding bluetooth headphones at this price if you don't mind those problems. They really punch above their price in terms of sound!
  7. Great headphones for the money

    Fit very well, sound quality is excellent
  8. Good quality sound, battery life and fit.

    The review web page asks for a rating for noise cancellation. I gave 5 stars as I listen to our TV with a fireplace insert fan about 10 feet from me and the fan noise is reduced, but nothing in the product information says these headphones are noise cancelling.The sound quality is very good for a moderate priced headset. The ear pieces are over ear if you have a medium size ear; mine are a little large (I'm 6'2" so everything is a little large) and the pads leave the tips of my ear lobes sticking out. Still they are comfortable as I've worn them for 3 hours at a time while watching TV. Placement of the headband is important to a good fit as the ear pieces do not swivel in all directions My fit is with the head band just forward of the center of my head. I have listened to a variety of music with sonic components ranging from quite low frequencies to high shuch as violin, piano, and piccolo. These is no noticable distortion and the base is tight. I have enjoyed everthing from Christmas, metal, folk and symphonic music and have no complaints. The instructions are a little confusing regarding the radio which does seem to be FM stereo and that is it is NOT necessary to turn on the headset if you just want to listen to radio of music on an SD card. Regarding the SD, I am using a 256G card and it performs just fine with that.There have been some complaints about the position of the controls being on the back of the right ear piece. At first I thought as well that this was odd but the placement is where it should be. Think about this, you would reach up with your right hand to operate the controls. If they are on the front, you will be pushing against the ear piece and there is nothing to counter the force. With the controls on the back, the thumb steadies the ear piece while the fore or middle finger works the controls.I read in one review that the sound coming from the open back may bother others. If you have to have the volume that loud, perhaps you should consider a closed back design. I set the unit on a table and turned it up enough to become "annoying' then put them on. It was deafening!The flashing blue power light is also the subject of some complaints and that is true only if you are in the perfect position to see it and you must be in EXACTLY the right place. Even sitting on a table while on the light is not offensive.Battery life far exceeds my needs as I only use if for about 3-4 hours ane when finished I put it on the charging cable. This cable is plugged into a hub, not directly to a wall outlet or the computer USB port and it charges just fine.So fit, sound quality, and control placement are good There are, however, a few negatives.The volume is controled in steps, not continuous as with a radio volume control. The minimum volume (not muted as the headset announces) is still a little louder than I prefer but it isn't so far off that it is annoying.The weakest part of the headset is the "wheel" used for multiple functions and it is used extensively. It is pressed to turn on the FM or switch between FM and the SD card, it is the volume control (pushed all the way up or down) as well as the station/track selector. I would much more preferred separate rocker buttons for volume and selection. This wheel is complex and a little fragile. It broke quickly on the first set I had and I have been more careful of it on the second set. The company support is excellent regarding product failure. I fillled out the return form, printed the shipping label and shipped the failed headset. As soon as the label bar code was scanned by the post office, the company sent a replacement unit which I think is excellent service.So the wheel control is the only reason I don't award a 5 star rating to this headset. Otherwise i am very pleased with it and expect it to last a long time.
  9. Good bargain headphones

    Really liked these and lasted some time. When moving the buttons rattled and after about 2 years the headband broke. Good value headphones with minor quality issues.
  10. Built-in radio works great.

    Headphones are light-weight and look nice.
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