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ORICO 6228US3-BK Dual bay Hard Drive Enclosure Black

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$32.33 $31.67 $31.01 $30.35
  • Super speed USB 3.0 interface with data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, 20 percent faster than traditional USB 3.0 with UASP protocol
  • Vertical cooling design, simple plug and play, hot swapping, run more smoothly
  • 12V 3A power adapter ensures enough power for devices
  • Thick and high quality silicone non-slip mat, place the desktop more securely
  • Strong versatility, 2.5 / 3.5 inch hard drive, SSD solid state drive,compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. systems

Brand: ORICO
Model: 6228US3 - BK
Applications: desktops, laptops, servers
Size: 2.5/3.5 inches
Design: compact, portable
Material: ABS
Interface type: USB 3.0
Power supply: 12V/3A
Product weight: 650g
Package weight: 730g
Product size: 14.20 x 11.00 x 5.75 cm
Packing size: 19.20 x 16.00 x 7.00 cm
Package contents: hard disk base *1, power supply *1, USB3.0 line *1, English manual *1

More Information
Model 6228US3 - BK
Type External Enclosure
Material ABS
system support Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. systems
Weight 730.0000
Dimension 19.20 x 16.00 x 7.00 cm
Package Contents hard disk box *1, power supply *1, USB cable *1
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  1. Great dual bay dock, looks sleek on my desk!

    Small looks and works good hasn't failed me yet. S9fat so good
  2. Five Stars

    Nice design. Easy to install.Working goodLike other Orico products that i have
  3. Good speed and reliable.

    I have several single bay docks that I've used for years. There are several companies using the same dock with their brand on it.This dual bay dock is just as fast and reliable. I've not used the cloning function and have no plans to use it.I'd definitely buy another one if the need ever arises.
  4. Finally Works - After Two Strikes

    Miraculously cloned a Windows 10, 2.5" Seagate 320GB drive from a Toshiba 320GB master. Took roughly 1.5 hours which was not bad. This is my third attempt at finding a HDD duplicator that actually works and completes the cloning process without falling asleep. Once completed, there is a audible buzzer that rings 3X to notify you that cloning was completed.My cloned drive was nearly perfect and running once it was loaded into my HP 8460P laptop. After being checked for a small error by Windows, bootup was seamless just like my original drive. I am pleased that the device is of average construction. Not too heavy but then not too cheaply constructed. The A/C adapter is very well constructed of heavy plastic and the fit of the adapter to the device is tight and not loosely fitted.Overall, a really quality product that hopefully lasts several years. Also, a good docking station that is able to see the drive letters using both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.3. Finally, a inexpensive solution that actually works.
  5. When I first bought this device I was very skeptical ...

    When I first bought this device I was very skeptical that it would actually clone as described, however it actually really works. In the first week after receiving it I cloned 3-500GB, 2-1TB, and 3-2TB drives without a problem. The drives do get a little warm during the cloning process, not ORICO's fault, however a small desk fan pointed at the drives solved that issue. This device does a full drive clone, including empty sectors, so a drive with little data on it will take the same amount of time to clone as one filled to capacity. The PC setting works as advertised , but the real value for me was cloning without a computer.
  6. Good value for money, engineered to a level beyond what its price would imply.

    Bought this not to clone but to retain access to drives as I upgrade and swap out the old set into a dock, and for that it works perfectly as its cheaper than buying full enclosures. I have several other brands to compare from and the fit and finish on this unit is slightly nicer than the rest, the pin prick multicolored led indicators are a nice touch.The only gripe I have is the power brick hogs a socket on both ends of a power strip, but this seems to be common with all such devices, I use short extension cords to get around this. The only other flaw is the power button is small and on the back, would have been nice to either have a larger switch or have it placed in a more convenient position.Just remember to buy enough docks if you need to access drives frequently, sata plugs aren't rated for heavy use like other interfaces, devices like this are best if only infrequently swapping drives out.
  7. I really good hard drive dock.

    In my day to day responsibilities, I must manage the inshop portions of My Computer Guy. One of my most used tools is a hard drive dock. I used to use an Oricio single dock. This allowed me to be able to make images of drives for cloning or recovering data. But with only a single slot it could become a bottleneck. So I went out and purchased a dual dock. Lucky this week I have been hit with a lot of hard drive issues so I was able to put through the wringer.The dock itself is very sleek. with glossy sides and matte top. with the logo on the front and all the buttons on the back. along with the USB3 and dc jack port. The dock itself is very light, I do wish the bottom was a little heavier so it would move around as much, but that's not really an issue.One cool thing about the dock is it can clone drives on its own. Just plug in the power and flip the switch on the back to clone. Make sure you have the drives in the correct spots and hit start. I was able to successfully clone drives that had Windows partitions and also it worked on a PS4 hard drive. One thing to note is if you are cloning to a bigger drive it won't expand the partitions to fill the drive. also, it won't shrink partitions either. So not going from larger to smaller. To clone a PS4 drive with 400GB of space it took about 3-4 hours. There are indicator lights to let you know the progress and it gives off three loud beeps when done.Putting the switch back over to the PC allows for the drives to be seen on a PC when the USB3 cable is plugged in. The manual recommends to power off the device when plugging in drives. And while you don't need to for it to see the drives it does take longer to Windows to see the drives. If you have one drive plugged in and you insert the second drive, it will reset itself and you will lose connection to the first drive for a moment. I wish it didn't do that, but again that isn't a dealbreaker for me. It just means a little more planning on my part.When making images and browsing files on hard drives the USB3 speed was great. I was able to max out the USB3 pipe. Which is nice when making images of drives.One thing about the older single dock is it would show the model of the dock. Which I hated. With this newer model, the correct information about the hard drives gets passed through so I can see the manufacture and the serial number of the drive. I am very happy about that.Overall I really like this product and will use it often. It was a very good purchase and I highly recommend it.
  8. Not suited to be used on a Router's USB port for mount 2 hard drives

    So far, so good. Bought it to attach 2 hard drives to one USB port into my ASUS router and expecting my router could read and mount both hard drives with just one USB interface. I had no success trying to make my router to mount both hard drives. This my router's failure, not this Orico device. I'm completely satisfied with this one.
  9. Excellent product for HD cloning

    The product worked as expected with no issues despite my concerns with cloning a standard hard drive to SSD. The translated instructions could use a little refining; but beyond that, I'm pleased with the product.
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