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Beschoi Pentax K Lenses To Sony NEX E Camera Adapter

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$17.28 $16.92 $16.57 $16.22

• Fit Pentax K mount lenses used on Sony NEX E mount camera body: Sony NEX-3, NEX-3C, NEX-3N, NEX-5, NEX-5C, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, NEX-7, NEX-C3, NEX-F3, NEX-VG10, a7, a7R, a9, a3000, a3500, a5000, a5100, a6000, a6300, a6500. Fits on Sony a7S, a7 II, a7S II, a7R II, a7R III if the camera mount is metal,not plastic.

• Made of brass and aluminum. Stable, precise and durable construction. Manually controlled. Infinity focus allowed.

• 30 Days No Reason Return, 12 months quality guarantee.

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Weight 100.0000
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  1. Great comparing to other brands...

    This is also same with k f brand ,just writings are different ... this is way cheaper option ...they all have minor disadvantages but so far this is a solid one ...recommended
  2. Perfect!

    I found an old Vivitar “2.8/28” on an ancient Pentax SLR in the top of THAT closet. This adapter mated the lens to my NEX-5R perfectly, and a couple outings have reminded me what a sweet little piece of glass that lens could be. I LOVE that inexpensive adapters can breathe new life into these older lenses and — okay I’ll admit it — those chunky vintage lenses look cool mounted on a modern mirrorless. The adapter is smooth, tight, and does its job perfectly. Buy it!
  3. Adapter evaluation in use.

    It's a well made adapter. I'm using it on A6000 with a compact prime lens. One area where it can be improved is tolerances on the camera side,where there's noticeable play. Yet on the lens side the fit is perfect. If I had a very heavy lens,I would feel less secure using this adapter due to play,but with my light lens it's ok.
  4. Everything's alright

    I've noticed some very mild light leaks from the metal, but that's to expect even from a metabones, so there's that, but still, fits great on the mount, snug fit, no play, allows focusing to infinity. Good dummy one.
  5. Go with this one folks.

    I'm a bargain whore, so when looking for an adapter to fit my Pentax K lenses to my Sony a6000, I went with the cheapest one for $12.99. Don't do it folks. It was cheap, it was flimsy, it LOOKED cheap, and it was light. Worse than all that, however, is the fact that the 'release button' which wasn't a button, it was a piece of bent metal for you to press, DIDN'T work. It did not release my lenses. The only way it would do it was if you took tweezers, pulled it out and down at the same time. I just received this yesterday .. It's a snug fit, so the PK lenses aren't going to sag ... and it has a night weight to it, and it LOOKS professional. Do it. Buy it. You won't be sorry.
  6. Works, fairly priced

    This is the second cheapest I found on Amazon and priced very well. The design is the same as all the other dummy adapters you'll find on Amazon so no need to pay an extra 10 bucks for a K&F for example.
  7. Design flaw complicates use

    The adapter fits snugly to the camera body and holds the adapted lens tightly. Adapted lenses focus to infinity—perfectly.HOWEVER, this adapter has two big drawbacks, one of greater importance than the other:1. the adapted lens does not sit straight up; it mounts at a very slight angle, which is an annoying design flaw. This applies to my bayonet-mount lenses, but my two M-42 mount (screw-in) lenses seem to seat correctly.2. the knob/lever on the Beschoi (K&F Concepts) adapter that releases the adapted lens protrudes nearly one-half inch and sits right on my knuckles where my right hand grips the camera. It is pointed and makes for uncomfortable use. Seriously? This is the best you can do?***EDIT*** I upgraded my review from one to three stars. The knuckle-brushing lever is annoying, but otherwise the adapter is a stellar performer, even with my M-42 adapter. Everything fits tightly.If anything changes, I'll update my review again.Beschoi and K&F Concepts are both rebranded items from Kent Faith International Ltd, so if you paid an additional $5 or more for the K&F Concepts version of this adapter here on Amazon, you got the exact same adapter as the Beschoi only for more money.
  8. Great way to use your older lenses

    Fits both lens and body (Sony a6000) solidly with out any wobble. Allows me to use my legacy lenses albeit with manual focus and aperture. Just make sure you go into the menu and enable the camera to fire the shutter without a lens. You can then use your camera in aperture preferred or manual mode.
  9. Five Stars

    Snug fit and works quite nicely
  10. Beschoi/K&F adapters are easily some of the best inexpensive models available

    The same as K&F Concept, but often a few dollars cheaper. Beschoi/K&F adapters are easily some of the best inexpensive models available, and I've yet to experience the slightest regret over paying slightly more for them. And contrary to the listing claim, I've yet to find one that will not fit the Sony a7ii/a7rii mount. A tad tight, perhaps, but not enough to be of any real concern. Highly recommended.
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